Our Guiding Principles

Our Guiding Principles


Healthy and Tasty are not mutually exclusive. Everything we make goes through extensive taste tests to awe and please the toughest of critiques.


We believe in enhancing every experience be it hydration, snacking or simple moments in life. We use super-herbs, spices, ancient grains, to bring wellness in most simple yet unexpected ways.


We believe in simplification in our product formulations by using ingredients you can understand, company processes that ensure you are not only satisfied but thrilled, and how we give forward.


We take a long-term view and operate with the awareness of the impact of our products and processes on environment and the lives of you, our community, our suppliers, and our team.


We believe in small steps but continuous improvements. We regularly regroup, incorporate the latest information and analyze ourselves and our products to constantly reduce our carbon and water footprint.


We use only what is necessary - nothing more, nothing less. We do not use ingredients, such as color, in our products that are not necessary. We strive to use all Natural, non-GMO ingredients. We use organic ingredients when available.