Turmeric versus Curcumin: what are the benefits?

We’re all looking for that little something to help us live an enhanced life, while not taking up the precious free moments we have outside of the everyday responsibilities of work, family and trying to hold together a social life!

Well, did you know you can take a small step towards physical and mental wellness by drinking water infused with super-herbs? It's an easy way for the high achievers and entrepreneurs among us to stay hydrated while practicing conscious consumption. 

Instead of chugging back caffeinated drinks for the quick energy hit and subsequent crash, how about giving water infused with turmeric or curcumin a go and really feeling the benefits of happy hydration? 

What are those benefits, you ask? Well, let us explore. 

Turmeric is most famously known as the spice that gives curry its distinctive yellow color. However, nutritional scientists have recently begun to discover evidence of what the Indians have probably known for quite some time - that turmeric really does have health benefits. Curcumin is the major active ingredient in turmeric, a very powerful antioxidant that also has impressive anti-inflammatory properties. Not only does it make you feel better, but there are emerging links between curcumin intake and a reduced risk of major health issues such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s Disease and even cancer. 

But hang on... you may be asking: if curcumin is the real deal, then can’t we just have that by itself instead? The answer isn't so easy. You see, pure curcumin struggles to absorb into the bloodstream, negating most of the beneficial properties. While taking it through turmeric dilutes it somewhat, it also helps to ensure that this superb herb gets to where it needs to be for your improved wellness!

So what are you waiting for? Get to work on that turmeric-infused water in the form of ready-to-drink Conure and you’ll be feeling awesome in no time.

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