The benefits of drinking Ginger and Lime water

It’s amazing what a difference a water enhancer can make. We all know that we need to be drinking more water during the day, but by using a water enhancer such as ginger and lime, we can really maximize the health benefits of daily hydration.
1. Provides an energy boost
 Ginger is one of the world's best-known super-herbs. It is a well-known natural pick me up which offers a burst of energy with no caffeine required. Similarly, lime juice is known to boost the immune system, making it a great addition to your morning (or evening!) routine.
 2. Nutritional and detoxifying 
 Drinking lime water before bed can help to flush any toxins out of your system before you sleep, while keeping you hydrated for the night ahead. Lemon and lime water benefits have been well documented as a quick and easy detox, but ginger water benefits are less well known. By ensuring that lime and/or ginger water is the last thing you ingest at night, you are giving your body extra help by adding a few key nutrients to your nightly routine. Ginger is well known for its digestion properties, so it can help to relieve symptoms of heartburn – this is particularly useful if you are a late night snacker!
3. Improves your metabolism 
Ginger and lime water has also been linked to weight loss, particularly when consumed first thing in the morning. This is because of the metabolism-boosting powers of both ingredients, and the fact that one glass of ginger and lime water is surprisingly filling.
 Our ginger water recipe is simple and effective, and we are well aware of the benefits of drinking lime water before bed. Ginger and lime is a refreshing and flavorful combination that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Start incorporating it into your daily diet today and watch the benefits emerge. Drink one of our ginger and lime water enhancers to refresh and fuel your inner life force.


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