National Hydration Day (Jun 23)

Here are a few suggestions:

Set reminders to regularly drink water during the day.

Write out reminders on post-it notes or type them into your phone. There are free phone apps you can download that remind you to drink a set amount of water each day. Before you know it, you will have a new healthy habit!

Share your knowledge.

Remind your loved ones that it’s important to drink lots of water each day, especially when they’re outdoors in the summer or are exercising. People often forget to prioritize hydration but being prompted by a friend or family member who cares can stand as a great reminder. Hint – Drink water with a friend. Most people will stick with a task if they are held accountable to someone else. Encouragement (or competition) from a friend will motivate you to stick with your plan!

Stay properly hydrated.

Hydration awareness is an important reminder that no matter how young, agile, or fit we may feel, our bodies need water, and health isn’t something to mess around with. Symptoms can sneak up on you, and nobody is immune to the risks of not staying hydrated enough. When you’re properly hydrated, you may find that you feel a lot better than you do when your body is short on water. Getting into the habit of drinking water more often can feel like a victory, and that may inspire you to build other healthy habits into your life. The sky’s the limit!

Listen to your body.

When your system lacks enough water to function well, it signals you in the form of thirst. The human body functions harmoniously only when you have the proper fluid balance. So, when you feel thirsty, listen to what your body is telling you.

Don’t avoid water because it is bland. Drink using our Water Enhancers!

If you avoid drinking water because you find the taste a little bland, use our water enhancers that add flavor and wellness benefits!!!  Keep the convenient water enhancer packets with you so you can add these to your water no matter where you are!

The motivation to drink more water comes at a time when health officials continue to emphasize the importance of proper hydration. Help celebrate National Hydration Day by keeping healthy and staying hydrated!!

Live a vibrant and enhanced life always!

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