My perfect morning routine

When I started my company, I quickly got into the routine of working till late at night,  and get on my emails as soon as I woke up or worst yet check social media and worry about the number of likes I did or didn't get.  I soon started feeling depressed and unproductive. 

Have you ever felt this way when days just seem to merge into each other? and work seems to never end.  There are ways to help deal with this. I want to share 5 simple steps that I use to charge up my productivity and happiness levels! 

My perfect morning routine:

  1. Stretch in the morning.

Every animal stretches in the morning so don't underestimate your bodies natural urge to stretch in the morning. embrace this.  While you are at it, add a supine twist in the bed, then to the other side.  Stand up and do a stretched out mountain pose and twist from side to side. Start activating your muscles and get blood moving from your head to your toes, this will help wake you up. Yoga is a great way to start your day, pick a few favorite moves to run through when you get up.

  1. Make your bed.

Making your bed is a great habit to get into. Firstly, by making your bed every morning, you have already achieved something, you can see it in front of you and this is the mindset you want to approach every day with. Secondly, this gives you something to look forward to at the end of the day, getting into a made up bed, that you have made for yourself. 

  1. Hop in a shower.

There is nothing like a refreshing shower in the morning to kick-start your day. Hopping into the shower not only makes you feel good but will also stimulate your senses to wake them up. Try lowering the water temperature a notch for an even more refreshing bath.  Cold showers have their own benefits.  For a spa type feeling in the bathroom add some eucalyptus branches in your shower.

  1. Hydrate in the morning.

Did you know that drinking water first thing in the morning has the same impact as drinking coffee, we wakes your senses.  It also helps eliminate toxins from our body.  Making sure you hydrate will help you to be mentally alert all day.

Let Conure Life keep you hydrated and energized!

The best way to hydrate in the morning is with water - not tea or coffee! While pure water is fine, why not let our herb-infused water enhancers get you ready for anything life throws at you?

Whether it is our Ginger & Lime flavour to give you extra zip or our Holy Basil flavour to really wake you up each morning, they give a perfect start to each day. Simply add one sachet to any glass of water at the breakfast table and you are good to go. Quick to make with zero sugar, they are also low in calories too. Not only will it help make water more interesting to drink but the herbs contained also give wellness benefits to ordinary water. 

  1.  Be unstoppable, prepare your task list.

But first visualize the business woman or man you want to be.  Then start listing your tasks and prioritizing them, start with the most boring yet most important task.  Use the pomodoro method to accomplish the tasks, by breaking your work into time intervals is the most effective way to stay on task.

Hope you transform your days with these simples steps.  Please tell us about your morning schedule.  Tell us if you benefited from these?

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